or-bits.com presents UN-PUBLISH: OUTSOURCED at Banner Repeater

or-bits.com presents UN-PUBLISH: OUTSOURCED at Banner Repeater with Tara Kelton, 14 September – 13 October 2013, PV 13 September 2013, 6pm to 8:30pm (coinciding with the Artists Books Weekend) and Prayas Abhinav of Museum of Vestigial Desire, 19 October – 17 October 2013, PV 18 October 2013, 6pm to 8:30pm

OUTSOURCED is a two-part exhibition project organised for Banner Repeater’s serial publication UN-PUBLISH.

Through presenting two consecutive solo projects by graphic designer/artist Tara Kelton and co-director of Museum of Vestigial Desire, Prayas Abhinav, UN-PUBLISH: OUTSOURCED explores the notion of outsourcing in its relationship with the users’ cultures and logics emerging from communicating through web-based services and online platforms.

Contributing to Banner Repeater’s: UN-PUBLISH serial publication, and in conjunction with the multiple modes of dissemination of artworks that Banner Repeater offers, such as free distribution of artists publications from the reading room and public space of Platform 1 at Hackney Downs rail station in London, Kelton and Abhinav have developed two new bodies of work to be experienced from different locations: at Banner Repeater project space, in the UN-PUBLISH publication printed on paper 2.04 and 2.05 and at or-bits.com.

Part one of the project will feature:
KARIZMA by Tara Kelton
14 Sept – 13 Oct 2013; PV Friday 13 September 2013, 6 – 8:30pm
at Banner Repeater
Platform 1, Hackney Down Network Rail
Dalston Lane, London, E8 1LA

Tara Kelton, Still Life 6, 2013

Tara Kelton, Still Life 6, 2013; Still Lifes created by desktop publishing workers in Bangalore, India. Parameters given: create an 8″ x 10″ composition with 2 apples, 1 orange, 1 lemon, grapes, a plate, bowl, jug and glass.

followed by part two which will feature the Museum of Vestigial Desire by its co-director Prayas Abhinav
19 Oct – 17 Nov 2013; PV Friday 18 October 2013, 6 – 8:30pm

<< In her film review of The Social Network (David Fincher, 2010), Zadie Smith despises Facebook’s normalcy as defined by its autistic computer-nerd founders. “Maybe the whole internet simply becomes like Facebook: falsely jolly, fake-friendly, self-promoting, sickly disingenuous.” Smith asks if we shouldn’t struggle against this pacification. “We were going to live online. It was going to be extraordinary. Yet, what kind of living is this? Step back from your Facebook Wall for a moment: Doesn’t it, suddenly, look a little ridiculous? ‘Your’ life in ‘this’ format?
Geert Lovink, Networks without a cause, 2011 Cambridge: Polity Press; p.41>>

More details about the project soon on or-bits.com and Banner Repeater website.

Forthcoming exhibition events
at Banner Repeater:

Curators’ talk: or-bits.com and Banner Repeater in conversation
Ami Clarke of Banner Repeater and Marialaura Ghidini of or-bits.com will discuss the UN-PUBLISH programme and the development of this exhibition project.
Sunday 6 October 2013, 2-3pm as part of Art Licks Weekend 2013

Into Practice Book Sprint
Saturday 16 November 2013, 10am-5pm
Into Practice, a collective of UK-based artists, curators and researchers that exists to provide knowledge which facilitates practice, will organise a one-day Book Sprint exploring the themes of the exhibition with invited participants.


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