ABW 2011

The participating organizations in this year’s Artist Books Weekend are :

A Estante


And/Or Gallery

Donlon Books

IMT Gallery

Luminous Books

Marmalade Publishers of Visual Theory


The Mews Project Space

The Modern Language Experiment

X Marks the Bokship

The participating Artists, book makers, curators, gallerists, … in this years event are as follows:

(being updated)

ABC Artists’ books cooperative

Andreas Schmidt

Benedict Drew

Carla Cruz

Carlos Noronha Feio

Charles Danby

Conor Donlon

Damien Roach

David Rule

Eleanor Vonne Brown

Giorgio Sadotti

Gordon Shrigley

Jamie George

Jean Keller

Jonathan Lewis

Keh Ng

Lindsay Friend

Magda Fabianczyk

Marialaura Ghindi

Mark Jackson

Matthew Stock

Mikael Larsson

Mishka Henner

Mónica, Pedro, Afonso

Patrick Coyle

Pigeon Magazine

Sara Mackillop

Tamarin Norwood


7 pm :

@ The Mews Project Space 

The Mews Project Space presents Giorgio Sadotti’s Eclipse Maker.

The Launch will be accompained by
the screening of Antonioni’s L’Eclisse.

Limited space available.

Check time with space : 


Formed in 2010 underneath a cafe in East London the gallery is now operating
a monthly programme of exhibitions and events at its venue on Mare Street, Hackney.

Running at the same time as the Artist Book weekend And/Or presents MICHAEL PYBUS : JUST DOING SOMETHING

Yesterday I missed a connection and the story of my signature faded away. It was a quality anyone would love and now it’s gone I will always live in a panic zone. Remember this was a last ditch effort for a dying tomorrow. I found myself surrounded by transparent fans. Nothing else seemed to matter as I basked in their empty glow BLACK HOLE. I needed a world free from obituaries and general viewing. With expert tips and useful information I could make it on my own and screw you over. She died of an overdose. You didn’t reply. Just smile and pretend everything and everyone is ok. You could see I wasn’t serious yet. That was the end. I still have hairy legs. I thought I was going somewhere but my climb had been neutralized so for now lets just make some limited edition emotions. All sales are final. Oh and never forget other people are a dangerous place. HA HA HA.

A fanzine publication and poster are being produced to coincide with the exhibition: th(e)-r(e)m(o)v(a)l-(o)f-v(o)w(e)ls



11 am – 6 pm :

@ Donlon Books

Donlon books Presents a display of books by Sara MacKillop.

Sara has produced a number of artists books over the past years usually taking found graphics as a starting point.  The books represent an interest in marginalia and the indexical properties of stationery held by the artist. There is also an apparent investigation into the form of the book and the properties offered by organising material in this way  .

This event will run from Friday to Sunday

Friday 11am- 6 pm
Saturday 10 am – 6 pm
Sunday 11 am – 6 pm

6 pm – 9 pm :  

@ The Mews Project Space:

ABC Artist Books Cooperative exhibition openning

Exhibition Dark Matter by 4 members of ABC.  Andreas Schmidt , Jean Keller,  Jonathan Lewis  and  Mishka Henner

Launch of Dark Matter
Dark Matter is a dialogue of images between ABC artists Mishka Henner, Jean Keller, Jonathan Lewis and Andreas Schmidt. Produced over a period of three weeks between late August and early September 2011, the artists took turns to send each other single photographs by email, each one a response to the previous image, creating a continuous and meandering photographic exchange. 
In searching the vast universe of images at their disposal, the artists’ responses present literal, metaphorical and surreal interpretations that form a one-off visual vocabulary shrouded in mystery, surprise, and danger. The book was published on the occasion of the Dark Matter exhibition at The Mews Project Space in London, September 2011.

The show will run until the 25th of September.

Friday 6 pm- 9 pm
Saturday 4 pm – 7 pm
Sunday 4 pm- 7 pm

6 pm – 9 pm :

The Modern Language Experiment @ The Mews Project Space Common Room

The Modern Language Experiment presents:
What is an Art Book?

An Art Book today can be seen to occupy various different positions including that of a piece of theory, a catalogue, a printed exhibition, a piece of art in itself, a supplement to a pre-existing piece. It can be a proposal for the future or an examination of the present or what has passed. “What is an Art Book?” will be an investigation of what an Art Book is in terms of material and conceptual concerns. It is a collaborative project that will be produced during the Artist Books Weekend at the Mews Project Space. Artists, writers, curators, designers and other practitioners are invited to respond to the title of the project by contributing their interpretation of what an Art book means to them and their practice. Each contributor can propose text, drawings, photographs, sculpture, performance, audio recordings, video or any other concept/theory as long as it can ultimately be realised in A4 paper format and in black and white. The event will take place from the 22nd to 25th of September at The Mews Project Space, 15c Osborn Street [alley behind the Whitechapel Art Gallery] London E1.

This event will also run:

Friday 6 pm- 9 pm
Saturday 10 am – 7 pm
Sunday 10 am- 7 pm


11am – 12.30pm :

@ X Marks the Bökship

Publisher’s Brunch


Bit of breakfast at the Bökship before the Whitechapel Bookfair.
http://bokship.org/future.html .


3pm – 6 pm :

Marmalade Publishers of Visual Theory 

What’s wrong with the art book fair?

Writing performance by the artist Gordon Shrigley of Marmalade Publishers of Visual Theory on the theme of ‘What’s wrong with the art book fair?’
Medium: Ink on paper


Performance will be at various locations within the Whitechapel Art Gallery, Art Book Fair
Gordon Shrigley is represented by IMT Gallery  www.imagemusictext.com .

4 pm – 7 pm :

A Estante @ The mews Project Space Common Room


A ESTANTE is a small itinerant bookshop, consisting of a single bookcase.

A ESTANTE aims to be a platform for the dispersal of publications by small independent publishers, regardless of geographical origin, with a particular interest in self-publishing and economies of production and distribution of printed matter. Although focusing on publications from within art and design
A ESTANTE is not overtly concerned with disciplinary boundaries in its
selection of titles, but rather with an attitude towards the making of books.

6pm – 9pm : 

@ IMT Gallery,  Pigeon Magazine launch and film screening

Pigeon Magazine will launch their first published issue, casting a perceptive eye over the role of the studio within current changing modes of artistic practice. There will also be a film screening.
Part of the exhibition Epilogues: It Started With A Car Crash curated by Charles Danby.



3 pm – 4 pm :

AMIW @ The Mews Project Space Common Room

AMIW presents AMIW – New Portuguese Letters

edited by Carla Cruz and Virgínia Valente, this publication introduces possible readings and relationships between All My Independent Women, as an exhibition project, the artists involved a Portuguese feminist book from the 1970s.

All My Independent Women (AMIW) positions itself as a network of artists, who create from a feminist perspective, expound the question of gender, or question power relations in the arts in their works. Currently AMIW is preparing its 6th edition at The Association of Austian Women Artists – VBKÖ, Vienna, where it intends to question critically and experimentally through an exhibition and a series of events: How can the desire for visibility be transmuted into a different experience; one of equality and accountability? How can feminist practices function as a ‘counter-hegemonic intervention’ in the arts in particular and in society in general?Or as the Portuguese authors ‘3 Marias’, of the New Portuguese Letters, asked in the 1970s: “Sisters. What can [art] do? Rather, what can words do?”




4 pm – 6 pm : 

or-bits.com @ The Mews Project Space Common Room

or-bits.com presents ON THE UPGRADE. Unbound printed works in reply to their online counterparts. //  Editions Launch
ON THE UPGRADE is or-bits.com new limited edition series in a box.
ON THE UPGRADE contains new commissioned printed works by PATRICK COYLE, BENEDICT DREW, JAMIE GEORGE, TAMARIN NORWOOD, DAMIEN ROACH and DAVID RULE, each of which has been conceived as an extension of the work previously produced for the website.
“In a time in which TO UPGRADE is a pervasive and round the clock demand – when we are continuously badgered into getting an updated version of something that is already functioning; teased into searching for something newer and more “now”, of superior quality, faster and more compatible: what might improvement, and, progress mean”

In response to the Artists Books Weekend and to On the upgrade, artist MAGDA FABIANCZYK will present an ‘act for a consumable text’, On defining a First Class Banana, make an apple a Royal Gala, which is part of her ongoing project The Edible Interventions series. Fabianczyk’s act will be interspersed with the reading We Go Like This by TAMARIN NORWOOD and the performance Empty Grey Squares (Registration) by PATRICK COYLE.

More details about the project on or-bits.com Blog.

6 pm – 9 pm :

Luminous Books  @ And/Or


Invites you to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary

Sunday 25th September

Please join us for books, drinks and birthday cake


3 Mare Street E8.

‘Luminous Books is an artist curated second hand bookshop in East London open every
Saturday 12 -6pm at Frederick Terrace E8. Luminous also hosts regular literary events and
pop up projects throughout the city alongside collections of books at ANDOR Bureau and ICA Bookshop.’


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