Thursday, 20 September 2012

18 – 22:

Christoph Korn @ The Mews Project Space

A sound installation that will compose the first episode of The Mews Radio Program Series,

hosted by Manuela São Simão

“I speak this text” – version for 2 speakers

Christoph Korn, 2012

female speaker: Manuela São Simão

male speaker: Jonathan Pugh

Duration: 21´

“I speak this text, version for 2 speakers” is based on “I speak this text”  (for one speaker) by Christoph Korn 2009, produced by Hessischer Rundfunk,

Editor: Manfred Hess

“I speak this text, version for 2 speakers” was produced especially for the first edition of 
The Mews Radio Program Series, curated by Manuela São Simão. 


The first radio transmission of the piece will be on 21st September from Mobile Radio Project at the 30th Bienal de São Paulo, 9pm (London time – 5pm, São Paulo time –

Radio Broadcasts: Between 22nd and 25th September on Radio Zero (Lisbon) and Resonance FM (London) – 104.4 FM

18 – 22 :

Elizabeth Wright @ The Mews Project Space

Title: Sigma, Vivitar, Olympus, Canon.    2012

Laser Print

20th – 23rd Of September 2012


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