The Artists’ Book Weekend is an open affiliation celebration of Artist Books as a medium.

Happening in parallel to the London Art Book Fair, it aims to complement the Whitechapel Gallery event by highlighting the medium of the Artist Book and other methods of multiple production, as well as encouraging people and spaces to put on events throughout the four day ‘weekend’.

The Artists’ Books Weekend (ABW) is open for anyone to participate. It is an umbrella name to an Open source style festival set every year according to the dates of the London Art Book Fair. This is a project started by The Mews and run by all participating organisations.

If you are interested in participating, knowing more or adding an event to the schedule, please use the contact form and one of the previous participants will reply to your ____ .

The ABW’s 2013 edition will run between the 12th of September and the 15th of the same month.

If you are in Vancouver between October 3rd and 6th 2013, then make sure you check the 1st edition of  Vancouver’s very own ABW Vancouver organised by Project Space

This wordpress site is constantly being updated,  you should expect last minute inclusions.
Here’s a space for discussion ABW_Facebook_Group.

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