Downloadable Works

@ The Mews Project Website

The Artist Fabio Santacroce will make available his book CAAAPITAAAL for download between the 12th and the 15th of September 2013.

Click here to Open CAAAPITAAAL by Fabio Santacroce (not working anymore)

The letters AAA refers to the highest credit rating employed by rating agencies (such as Standard and Poor).
It indicates that the invested capital is extremely safe and that there is very little risk of default.
An issuer that is rated AAA has an exceptional degree of creditworthiness and can easily meet its financial commitments.
Having a rating this high allows a company to borrow money and raise capital at very low rates, providing a huge competitive advantage. Referring to this most “yearned” credit rating, I’ve downloaded a free copy of Karl Marx’s Capital (Vol. I, II, III) and I’ve tripled every single letter A contained within (this modification has been manually made on every single letter A, working for a period of three months, for eight hours per day). This modification has increased the original number of the pages from the book. I’ve printed this “new” version and separated the original number of pages from the increased pages, visualizing in this way the “surplus” obtained as a consequence of this modification.



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